Use light to create a home ambiance that impacts you and your family

April 27, 2011

For most of us, home is a place of retreat; an escape from the pressure and stress of the outside world. Home is where you can unwind and relax after a long day, and is yours to decorate in a way that reflects your personality and expresses the mood you want to set – for both you, and your family. By using light, you can play with color and brightness to achieve a home ambiance that truly envelops you; be it relaxing and comfortable, or vibrant and lively, with the right products, you can transform your home at the touch of a button.


How light impacts us

As human beings, we have a basic need for variety in the light we experience. Research[i] by Philips has proven that light is not just about visual effects, but about the effects on you. Light has the ability to impact your mood, the way you express yourself and your general sense of well-being. It plays a pivotal role in our day-to-day lives and as such, is key to creating atmosphere in your home that has a real impact on you and your family. Lighting that offers flexibility and creativity puts control in your hands so you can create comfortable settings that are unique to you. By looking at the impact of light in your home and on you – from the language we use to describe certain settings, to what light characteristics make for which atmosphere – Philips has been able to understand how to allow you to project ambiances that positively impact you in your home.


Transforming your home with light

We spend more time relaxing, unwinding, socializing and living at home. Where we live is more and more needs to express how we use the home for different moods and occasions. The color of the walls, the way in which a room is furnished and the amount of natural light that flows through windows all contribute to that home atmosphere – and by using light, you can enhance that atmosphere, and adapt the environment to different activities. Whether a relaxed, enticing space for romantic evenings in, or a functional environment in which you and the family can work, read or study.



The right light can transform a space from cozy and relaxing to invigorating and exciting. For example, lighting systems that project colored light, as well as traditional white light can allow you to create a home atmosphere that is mood-enhancing and unique to you, your family and your living spaces. The right light even has the power to accentuate and highlight specific areas or objects in a room, to enhance an ambiance further. By altering the color and intensity of lighting, you can enjoy a range of environments to suit any feeling.


New Philips innovations mean you can simply create any atmosphere in your home, transforming your environment and mood at the flick of a switch.


Philips solutions

Philips understands that rooms can have multiple functions and uses. Our latest developments in lighting technology focus on dynamic lighting and color to make it possible for you to create more appealing atmospheres. Philips lighting technology such as LivingAmbiance allow you to adapt both color and brightness in order to achieve the effect you want – you can take a room from warm, soft and relaxing to cool, bright and energizing in an instant. LivingAmbiance allows you to adjust the color and intensity of light to achieve the perfect atmosphere, and gives you freedom to adapt it to any occasion or activity.


Instant simple ambiance creation when you want, how you want, whenever you want truly allows you and your family to use light to enhance the way you work, play and live in the comfort of your own home, and create surroundings that truly express who you and your family are.

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