Philips Publication: Livable Cities – health and well-being in the urban environment

April 1, 2010

More than half of the world’s population is living in cities and urban areas and this is predicted to rise to 70% in 2050. The scale of city growth presents new social, economic and environmental challenges for those who live, work and do business in them. Safety and security, public health, a sense of belonging are just a few of the factors that contribute to urban citizens’ health and well-being across the world. How do we create a city for its people and who are the parties that need to come together to do this? Which long-term visions as well as simple next steps can they develop in the face of rapid urbanization? This paper looks behind the veneer of our urban centers and explores how best to convert them into Livable Cities.


April 2010

"Livable Cities – health and well-being in the urban environment"