Philips Publication: Home Healthcare – enabling healthy, independent living at home

July 1, 2010

Changes to the demographics, disease characteristics, patient desires and stresses and strains on healthcare systems and resources across the world are stimulating new thinking about established healthcare systems and practices.


Whether it entails medical professionals engaging with a patient in a domestic setting via technological innovation, or providing greater independence to elderly citizens in their own dwellings through a range of pioneering devices, home healthcare is firmly establishing itself as a new axis in the medical domain. This paper charts the current status and progress to date of home healthcare. Highlighting Philips’ position in this sphere, the document serves as a call to action to the myriad of stakeholders who, in unison, can help to promote and progress the home healthcare model and achieve an extraordinary overhaul of healthcare as we know it.


July 2010
"Home Healthcare – enabling healthy, independent living at home"