Today, we are improving the lives of every 4th person on earth

We would like to invite you to find out more about our new five year sustainability program running from 2016-2020 ‘Healthy people, sustainable planet.’
Our vision is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025. To ensure we remain on track to achieve this goal, we have developed a model, audited externally, that tells us, how many lives have been touched by our products and solutions in a given year.
Lives improved model

We improved the lives of 1.9 billion people in 2014

Our Lives Improved model guides our efforts and measures our progress on improving people’s lives. Today, we are improving the lives of every 4th person on earth.

Philips Group

Lives improved (in billions)

Lives improved by Philips
Total: 1.9 (double counts eliminated)



lives improved by Philips in 2014

Calculating Lives Improved

We measure lives improved in terms of the number of people touched by our Care, Well-being and Green products. These product portfolios are dependent on our continuous investment in new products and solutions as well as improvements to the way we manufacture them – both as a company and in collaboration with our suppliers.


We are on track with our target to improve the lives of 2 billion people a year by 2015. Please go to for a more detailed version of the Lives Improved methodology.


products and solutions that directly support the curative (care) side of people’s health

products and solutions that support healthier lifestyle choice

Green Products
focused on improving energy and resource efficiency

Philips lives improved world map

Find out more about our global activities, the lives we're improving around the world, and the progress of our sustainability drive.