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Frequently asked questions about careers at Philips

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about careers at Philips, so you may find the answer you are looking for below.


I want to work at Philips. How do I find out what vacancies are available?
All job vacancies at Philips worldwide are listed on our Careers website. If you want to know if Philips has vacancies in your country or functional area, please visit the Search Jobs page and perform a Job Search using the Job Field and Location drop-down menus.
What is the best way to stay updated on job opportunities?
We encourage you to visit our Search Jobs page to stay updated on active vacancies. You can also create your own personal profile there and upload your resume to easily apply for the roles you are interested in. Joining our Talent Community is another great way to stay connected to career and company information. After signing up, you will receive an email newsletter approximately once a quarter with company news and hot job opportunities, and also be eligible for a proactive career conversation with one of our recruitment specialists. 
Do you have a contact or email address where I can send my CV/resume?
To make sure your CV/resume gets to the right person, it must be linked to a specific job profile. As a result, we do not have a direct contact or e-mail address where you can send your CV/resume. If you want to apply for a specific job at Philips or submit an open application, please visit our Search Jobs page, locate the appropriate job profile or open application profile and submit your CV/resume by clicking on the Apply Online button. If you wish to submit a general profile to be reviewed and considered for multiple vacancies, we encourage you to sign up for our Talent Community.
What is the Talent Community? Where can I sign up?
Our Professional Talent Community is a way to introduce yourself to us by submitting a short profile, and we’ll connect you directly to relevant news, announcements and meaningful career opportunities as they become available.  You can sign up here.
How do I find out which vacancies are available in the country where I live?
If you want to know if Philips has job vacancies in your country and/or functional area of interest, please visit the Search Jobs page, select your country of interest and perform a Job Search using the Job Field and Location drop-down menus.
I want to address my covering letter to the name of the recruiter. Where do I find it?

If a direct contact person is available, his or her name will be mentioned at the bottom of the job profile. However, please note that after customizing your cover letter you should still submit it, together with your CV/resume, in relation to a specific job vacancy or ‘open application’ advertised on our Careers website.


We appreciate your desire to personalize your communications. However, due to the volume of vacancies and the dynamic way in which we utilize our resources it is not recommended to address your cover letter to a certain individual. Rather we suggest you address your cover letter to: To Whom It May Concern. Once your CV/resume has been reviewed, the most appropriate recruiter will be notified, and you can then begin addressing him or her by name during the recruitment process.

How do I submit an open application to Philips?
If you want to submit an open application, please visit the Search Jobs page and create your own personal profile. By creating a personal profile, our recruiters will be able to view your information and contact you about potentially suitable job vacancies at Philips. We suggest also including a link to your LinkedIn profile to ensure the recruiter always has an up to date view of your professional profile.
How do I know if you have received my application?
If you have applied for a job at Philips via our Careers website, you will receive an automated e-mail response confirming receipt of your application. Note that our goal is to keep valued candidates like you informed of your status throughout the recruitment process. However, due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to personally respond to each one every time. If you meet the job profile requirements, you will be contacted directly by a recruiter for an interview. However, you can always track the status of your application online independently by visiting your Candidate Home Page on our external career site.
How do I find out the status of my application?
Log in to your personal account on our Careers website and click on ‘My Job Page’. On this page you will find high-level information about the status of your job application(s).
I was not hired for a specific job. Will I be considered for other jobs with Philips in the future?
Yes. If you applied online, your resume will be housed in our applicant tracking system. Our Recruiters have access to search this database for relevant candidate profiles as new positions become available.  However, we also encourage you to continue searching and applying for any other roles that fit your skills and interests via the Career Center.
Do you offer internships in my country of interest?
If you want to know if Philips has internships in your own country or other countries of interest, please visit the Search Jobs page on our careers website, click on Advanced Search and check the Internship (non-Thesis) checkbox in the Job Type field. Alternatively, you can submit an open application, detailing what experience you are looking for in your cover letter.
I have received fraudulent communications. What should I do?

There have been recent incidents with people or organizations falsely pretending to recruit on behalf of Philips or by people claiming to work for Philips. It has come to our attention that these people or organizations are sending invitations for an interview and are asking to deposit money in a bank account. They make unauthorized use of the Philips letterhead in their communication. Please note that Philips has not authorized any such correspondence, and that Philips has no agreement with these parties. Philips will never ask for any kind of security deposit from its candidates in connection with a job interview.


Philips requests its potential candidates to be cautious towards any suspicious such correspondence, job offer, interview and demand for money. All individuals who are successful in gaining an offer of employment from Philips, whether directly or indirectly are always required to go through a formal recruitment process. In case for doubt please visit where all Philips vacancies are available.

What should I expect during Philips recruitment process?
There are 3 major phases in the hiring process – Application & First Assessment, Interviews and Decisions.  Please click here to view the section on our Career Site with information on “our recruitment process”.
What factors are considered when Philips reviews my CV/resume? How do I know I am part of a fair and unbiased process?
We consider the qualifications required for the role as compared to those outlined on your CV/resume when reviewing applications.   One of our core values is acting with integrity and we take this to heart as we go through the recruiting process with our candidates.  Philips is committed to fair and equitable hiring practices within an environment of diversity and inclusion.  We also act in accordance with all local market regulations and labor laws.

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