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My name is Lindsey Fimek. I work on the Philips Direct Sales team for Lighting in Chicago as a District Specification Sales Representative. I’ve been with Philips since August 2014 and learned about the opportunity from someone on my team.

Moving into my role at Philips was a very challenging shift for me. Prior to Philips, I was working in the design and engineering side of construction (the very people I call on now as a sales person). I moved into this position with only a few months of part-time sales experience, as a service leader in the engineering and design side of construction. Philips brought me on and provided all of the training I needed and requested. Additionally, I was paired with a buddy and adopted by my sales team for a few months to really see and learn how things work. Day-to-day is hard to pinpoint because every day is very different - from the people who I am working with, to the scale of the project I may be working on. As a sales person I have control over scheduling appointments with my accounts and plan out my own work week. However, whenever I get stuck with a project or product question I have a seasoned team of inside and outside sales colleagues to seek advice from. On the customer side I work with small firms doing quick office and retail build-outs and also big idea design firms working on the latest skyscrapers around the globe. As a global company we are able to support all sizes of projects in every corner of the globe.

As the only Professional Engineer on the team I can offer advice to my team on local regulations and installation methods. I’ve been able to help my team understand more about engineering and design from my experience and credentials. My network has also been very impactful to start uncovering new business for the team quickly.

As a vertically integrated company I am able to be involved in sharing feedback to Product Design to help prioritize decision making. We recently launched the EvoGrid, which is a very exciting breakthrough in low-cost LED lighting. As the champion for my district I have the responsibility for launching local sales growth and training my team on the product offering and availability.

Philips is an employer who invests in their employees to help guide their success. My experience has been very positive and encouraging. The sales managers for my district are supportive of our individual methods of selling and set a high bar for performance. Their style gives flexibility and room for creativity to let you manage your accounts how you find them to be successful. We meet regularly to check-in and share ideas, but just enough to really make an impact. The overall culture on our team keeps me motivated to win and show we are a player in this market. I am excited to be part of the Philips Lighting Sales team!

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Lindsey Fimek

Lindsey Fimek

Sales at Philips Lighting

Title: District Specification Sales Representative
Location: Home-based (Chicago)
Time with Philips: 10 months