180,000 Little Hearts will be given a better chance




180,000 children will receive heart scans as part of the Little Hearts Project in rural areas of Turkey with the support of Philips Foundation.

180,000 Little Hearts will be given a better chance

The prevalence of cardiovascular heart disorders in the young population of Turkey has been noted as the highest in all of Europe. Between 13 and 14 thousand children are born each year with congenital heart disorders. Most of these children are unable to receive medical treatment.


The Little Hearts Project aims to achieve healthier generations through creating awareness of heart disorders, providing early diagnosis and treatment, and improving children’s access to preventive health services. As part of the project, 180 thousand children will receive heart scans in Southeastern Anatolia, in Turkey.


The Little Hearts Project is the first project by Philips Foundation in Turkey. Philips receives support for the project from the Turkish Heart Association and the Turkish Ministry of Development. Little Hearts kicked off in Gaziantep on April 22nd. The event was attended by the Minister of Development, mayors, governors, university rectors and members of parliament.