Minicare Systems
Handheld Diagnostics

Philips Handheld Diagnostics

Near patient blood testing


Today’s challenge is to simplify healthcare procedures to enhance the quality of patient care, while keeping costs viable. Philips aims to empower physicians with patient centric solutions that can provide relevant information to make near patient diagnoses.

Innovation in biosensor nanotechnology


The use of magnetic nano particles enables the Magnotech technology to measure minute concentrations of target molecules: at a sensitivity more than 500 million times of a glucose test.

Results within minutes


Philips is developing the breakthrough Minicare system with the aim of delivering lab-equivalent test results at point-of-care — within minutes.

Changes in workflow


It is predicted that within 10 years, some complex IVD blood assays will have shifted from laboratory to near patient settings.



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Philips symposium at EuSEM 2015


The next generation handheld Point-of-Care platform in the Emergency Department


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