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Patient friendly testing

Patient friendly testing

People focused – Care Cycle approach

Patient needs are paramount in medical care. So for Philips, the challenge is to use developing technology in a way which enhances the quality of patient care, while maintaining the viability of costs.


Being people-focused means that we take the time to understand what it is like to be a patient, as well as to comprehend the complexities that hinder doctors, nurses and hospital personnel from delivering truly patient-centered care. We also understand that care is not a “single instance” event. Our current Philips solutions deliver value throughout the complete cycle of a person’s care: from disease prevention, screening and diagnosis, through to treatment, monitoring and health management. And we know that in the future, more and more care will take place outside of the hospital, and we are ready to help support that trend.


For example, patients at risk of cardiac arrest must be monitored in hospital and have a number of tests. This potentially life-threatening event causes stress and anxiety, and patients have to wait until a decision is made on appropriate treatment. This also increases bed occupancy and the involvement of medical teams, reducing facilities for other patients.


There is already a trend away from centralized treatment and testing to one which delivers care in a more patient-friendly way. At Philips, we are convinced that improving point-of-care testing in acute settings in the hospital and at home can improve patient outcomes.


Philips takes the needs of the patient and their care provider as its starting point and focuses on their specific medical problems through all aspects of their care. We then apply our technology competence to improving healthcare quality and reducing cost.


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