About Vitrite

Vitrite innovation in automotive parts

At Vitrite, we develop customised plastic-metallic solutions for the automotive industry. We design and manufacture parts, completely suited to your needs. Building on over 100 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality parts, and with close ties to Philips, Vitrite offers innovative solutions that can make a difference. For instance, a new type of cap for car headlights, leading to a major increase in cost efficiency of the manufacturing process of the entire car, thanks to a simplification of the way the headlights are fitted.

With close ties to a number of Philips’ development centres and a wealth of knowledge of the automotive sector and its specific needs, Vitrite turns opportunities into new products, processes and equipment and tooling, together with you. We closely cooperate with our clients, and never rely on standard solutions. R&D is at the heart of everything Vitrite does and we always develop custom-made plastic-metallic parts for each specific assignment. We continually evolve our products and our business, improving production in the automotive industry even further.

More than 100 years of Vitrite

In 1887, Johan Boudewijnse laid the foundation for the Vitrite company in Middelburg. He started out manufacturing lamps and was a representative of General Electric products. By 1889, an English manufacturer of caps and fittings moved its factory to Middelburg and named it ‘The Vitrite Works Ltd.’. Cornelis Boudewijnse took over the company as it filed for bankruptcy in 1893 and renamed it in Dutch ‘NV Vitrite Fabriek’. The company increased its production dramatically, from three million lamp caps in 1898 to 86 million in 1913.

World’s largest lamp cap factory

Philips made the Vitrite factory part of Philips Lighting after the
Second World War. By 1946, Vitrite produced no less than
225 million lamp caps. Since the nineties, Vitrite faced increasing
globalisation and concentration. The company became the
world’s largest lamp cap factory, producing over 3.4 billion
parts. Increased automation of the production process and the
development of new materials, led to extremely efficient
production facilities. This allowed Vitrite to manufacture
products of the highest quality, at competitive prices.

Moving into automotive

Vitrite recognised the potential of the automotive industry and started shifting production towards this sector in the late nineties.The company started to focus product development and manufacturing on high-quality (head-) lighting components for leading car manufacturers (or OEMs). Over the years,employees were trained and new equipment and technologies were acquired, in order to meet the strict quality standards of the automotive industry. Today, this still results in a zero-defects
production facility.