Corporate responsibility

Durable innovation

To be part of automotive evolution comes with great responsibilities too. At Vitrite, we are aware of our social responsibilities and those towards the environment. It has always been our objective to limit the use of energy and waste in our production facilities, and we continually strive to make our products more durable, lighter and energy-efficient.

We are actively developing lamp caps that are lighter and last longer. This results in lower energy consumption during the lamp’s lifespan and therefore reduced fuel consumption. Moreover, it uses up fewer resources to produce and creates less waste.

Other environmentally responsible initiatives Vitrite employs include increasing the amount of recycled materials used for production, increasing the collection and recycling of our products after their lifespan ends, optimisation of packaging, logistics and chain management. We encourage our employees to use videoconferencing to limit flight miles for global meetings and to choose energy-efficient lease cars with low CO2 emissions.

Vitrite takes its corporate social responsibility seriously and strives for more durable products and production facilities.