How we work

Working with Vitrite

Complicated problems need innovative answers. That is what makes us tick at Vitrite. We take the needs of the business and specific customer demands as our starting point. This means that, most of the time, we start from scratch. It all begins with an idea, and eventually becomes a customised manufacturable product that answers all of the customer’s needs.


Therefore, we develop our high quality plastic-metallic parts in close cooperation with our customers. Together, we identifytargets and quality requirements. Then, we start designing a concept solution. After a suitability prediction, we optimise the design and test its feasibility, validity and capability. After a proper quality level prediction, we scale up to prepare for mass manufacturing. After the customised solution has been taken into production, we monitor performance continually and confirm the quality levels.


Together, we develop the most suitable solution for your specific situation. Combining your knowledge of your production processes with Vitrite’s market knowledge and understanding of technological cost drivers, we arrive at an innovative solution that can be mass-manufactured cost-efficiently.