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At Vitrite, we strive to be one step ahead all the time. We acquire the latest knowledge and develop groundbreaking products and technologies. And we like to share this with you. Please find the latest about the latest in these news items!

Enlightening next generation LED lamps

Designing and realising Philips consumer LED lamps was and is a truly global effort, involving both the Shanghai and Eindhoven high tech campus. Vitrite is proud to also play a part in this revolutionary development, having made a major contribution to the design of modern-day Philips LED lamps, providing them with sheet metal parts instead of the casted aluminium heat sinks they used to be fitted with. Recently, Vitrite overmoulded a large number of heat sinks to make samples with different materials from various suppliers. This enables validation of the feasibility and expected improvement of white high heat conductivity plastics, a next step in LED lamps.

Improved flexibility and quality in our new metalware finishing production area

Vitrite is continuously looking to improve both its products and its production. In the metalware finishing production area, we recently installed a new machine, as well as realigning the deburring and degreasing machines. When redesigning the production area, we looked to the latest LEAN principles for guidance. The beautiful new hall is almost finished and fully LEAN compliant. Our engineers are currently testing the new machine, while our clients are evaluating the release tests of the existing equipment that we moved to this area. Soon, we will be fully operational; offering improved flexibility and quality in production.

Vitrite team realises a breakthrough in productivity Philips’ Business Improvement Competition leads to considerable cycle time reduction

The ‘High speed2’ team won the local Business Improvement Competition that was held recently, by realising a considerable cycle time reduction in one of the major runners, while maintaining Vitrite’s strict quality standards. This could mean an impressive increase in productivity for our production facilities!

Team High speed2 will represent Vitrite in the European semi-finals of the Philips-wide Business Improvement Competition.

Vitrite to the rescue with innovative temporary solution

One of our customers encountered an EMI shielding problem in a running project. Vitrite was able to respond very quickly to this problem with a flexible temporary solution, by delivering a changed electrical circuit. We ended up providing our pleased customer with five times more parts than originally requested! To us, this proves that our fast temporary solutions are built on the same sound engineering as our other innovative products.