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What are Philips' main areas of activity?
How many employees does Philips have?
Where can I find a general presentation about the company and its activities?
Which accounting standards does Philips use?
When will Philips report its quarterly and annual results?
Where can I find historical financial information on Philips?
When is the next Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?
Where can I find information on Philips Annual Reports?
Where can I find Philips' press releases?
How can I contact Philips Investor Relations?

Shares & Dividends

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On which exchanges is Philips listed and what are the ticker symbols?

What is the number of Philips shares outstanding?
In which indices are the Philips shares included?
Does Philips have a share repurchase program?
What are the amount and relevant dates for the latest dividend payout?
What is the withholding tax applied on the dividend payment?
What stock splits did Philips have over the last 10 years?
How can I invest in Philips?
What is your International Direct Investment Program for the US market?
Whom should I contact for information on and enrollment in the International Direct Investment Program?

Debts & Ratings

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What are Philips' debt ratings and rating targets?
When does Philips' debt mature?