1. What are Philips' debt ratings?

2. What stock splits and share repurchases did Philips have over the last 10 years?

3. On which exchanges is Philips listed and what are the ticker symbols?

4. What reporting convention does Philips use?

From January 1, 2009 onwards, Philips moved to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as its sole accounting standard. The use of US GAAP has been discontinued per the same date.

5. What is the number of shares outstanding?

As of end Q2 2014, the number of common shares outstanding (after deduction of treasury stock) is 923,933 thousand.

6. When will Philips report its quarterly and annual results?

7. How can I invest in Philips?

Philips' stock can be purchased via brokers on the exchanges where Philips is listed.

In addition, for our American shareholders we have a Direct Investment Program.

8. When does Philips' debt mature?

9. How can I contact Philips Investor Relations?

10. Where can I find Philips' press releases?