Our employees

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To help employees reach their full potential and to help the company achieve its growth objectives, in 2007 we continued to focus on boosting engagement and improving talent management.

Philips General Business Principles

The Philips General Business Principles (GBP) govern Philips’ business decisions and actions throughout the world, applying equally to corporate actions and the behavior of individual employees. They incorporate the fundamental principles within Philips for doing business. The intention of the GBP is to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, as well as with Philips’ norms and values.

Engaging for growth

In 2007 almost 100,000 Philips employees – from across all sectors and functions – were invited to answer the same 39 questions on leadership, management capabilities, alignment with the company’s vision, identification with the brand and reward recognition.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our vision is of one company made up of many different faces. A company with a more diverse range of people and an inclusive workplace environment where differences are honored, respected and encouraged.

Developing our people

In a move to develop local talent, during 2007 we shifted the responsibility for the attraction and development of talent up to and including high potentials to the countries. We see this as critical to growing people and the company.

Health and safety

We strive for an injury and illness free work environment. To drive improvement we set performance goals for the company and our individual sectors.


Sustainability Report 2007
GRI Index: G3 Core Indicators