Our environmental performance

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We were at the forefront back in 1994 when we instituted a disciplined approach to environmental improvement with our first program, which set a series of measurable targets. At the same time, we introduced our EcoDesign process, which deals with all aspects of the product creation process. In 1998 we began our drive to develop Green Products. Since then we have continuously raised the bar with the ambitious goals of our subsequent EcoVision programs.

Energy efficiency

Philips represents the consumer electronics/information and communications technology industry on the Stakeholder Consultation Forum, which provides input on drafts that go to the EU’s regulatory committee and eventually to the European legislative institutions, to be passed as legislation under the EuP umbrella.


Chemical content of products

At Philips we have long been guided by the precautionary principle, adopted by the UN Conference on Environment and Development inRio de Janeiro in 1992. The principle states that in order to protect the environment, a precautionary approach should be widely applied, meaning that where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage to the environment and/or health, lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective preventive measures. Simply put, our philosophy is that “prevention is better than cure.”

Take-back and recycling

Dealing with electronic waste is a concern for industry and society. E-scrap is one of the fastest growing components of the global waste stream. At Philips we incorporate design-for-recycling into our overall EcoDesign process.

EcoVision programs

Our EcoVision III environmental action program began in 2006 and will run through 2009. In developing this program, societal relevance provided the foundation for a focus on energy efficiency, chemical content of products, and take-back and recycling, which are Green Focal Areas for product development. Further, we are continuing to work on optimizing our processes, striving to significantly reduce or eliminate emissions of the hazardous substances.


Now, we have set even more ambitious targets with our fourth EcoVision program. With EcoVision4 we have committed to:

  • Double our investment in Green Innovations over the next five years to EUR 1 billion.
  • Aim for 30% of total revenues to come from Green Products by 2012.
  • Further increase the energy efficiency of our operations by 25% by 2012.

With these targets we will continue to improve our products and processes.


Sustainability Report 2007
GRI Index: G3 Core Indicators