Secure offering of HD content in hotels

Secure offering of HD content in hotels with VSecure and VTrack

High Definition (HD) TV is rapidly establishing itself: almost a quarter of EuropeanTV-households have an HD-Ready flat screen and there are over 135 different HD TV channels being broadcast to these TVs.


As in the United States, where HD is already widespread, hotels will soon start providing HD on their room TVs because more and more guests will be expecting it. However, content providers will not offer any premium HD content to a hotel unless strict content security precautions are taken.


Philips has developed a way of tackling this issue easily and effectively. There is now a total solution for HD content security in hotels, consisting of VSecure content protection and VTrack content identification (from Philips’ partner Civolution ). The solution has already been tested and approved by leading content providers and is embraced by most of the larger hotel system integrators.