Our Values

Our values

Four values are at the core of everything we do, they have been with us since the start of our company. You will recognize them in how we deal with each other, how we make decisions and set priorities. They determine what we belief in and what we want to encourage and recognize.


We express our values as follows:


  • Delight customers
    We anticipate and exceed customer expectations by creating superior customer experiences based on deep insights. We do this by focusing continually on “Sense and Simplicity”, and act as “One Philips” ambassadors all the time.
  • Deliver great results
    We continually raise the bar, playing to win and setting ourselves ambitious targets. By challenging the status quo, we are free to experiment in new ways to achieve exciting and unexpected results. Throughout it all, we take clear decisions and implement them with speed and discipline.
  • Develop people
    We get the best from ourselves and each other by attracting the best players to create strong and diverse teams. We also take risks by stretching people with assignments that accelerate their development, and invest significant time to coach and recognize our employees.
  • Depend on each other
    We deliver more value by working together as “One Philips”. We trust and empower each other to contribute our best, forming teams and allocating resources to the most promising opportunities.


It's this spirit of development, teamwork, cooperation and high ambitions that makes it possible to offer you exciting work, a positive environment, and consistent recognition and growth.


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