Supplier Hazardous Substance Management

Philips requires its suppliers to comply with the Royal Philips Electronics Regulated Substances List (RSL). This requirement forms an integral part of any commercial agreement between Philips and the supplier.

Regulated Substances

In the past Philips would accept a signature under the RSL as evidence of a suppliers compliance. However, we see that regulatory requirements affecting electronics change several times a year now. Hence our decision in 2010 to move away from paper evidence towards an online tool, called BOMcheck, in particular for those suppliers that provide materials which could represent a risk in terms of compliance (e.g. soft plastics, complex materials, and ROHS-relevant materials).


In March 2010, Philips introduced a new way of working for suppliers to demonstrate their compliance to the Royal Philips Electronics Regulated Substances List. Since then, suppliers have been requested to upload their compliance declarations into BOMcheck, a web-based industry platform for exchanging chemical compositions of substances, components and entire electronic products between suppliers and OEMs. Philips operates a Philips BOMcheck Support Center (PBSC) in China and Poland that trains, encourages, expedites and engages suppliers to ensure they upload their declarations in BOMcheck. So far more than 1300 of Philips largest suppliers obtained a license to upload compliance declarations in BOMcheck. In addition to Philips, more than 240 companies have also joined BOMcheck to manage substances declarations from their suppliers. Declarations made by our suppliers are systematically validated to ensure suppliers filled in the essential parts of the declaration and used the correct part coding.

If you have any questions regarding the Regulated Substances List or BOMcheck please contact the Philips BOMcheck support center.
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Telephone: + 48 42 291 8140
Asia, Pacific and the Americas
Telephone: +86 571 8793 0464
The reason why Philips has adopted this new way of working is due to tighter and continuous changing of environmental regulations. Notable, the EU REACH regulation will be updated every six months which places an obligation on Philips to collect chemical composition information from all suppliers on regular basis. If certain dangerous substances are present in our articles, we have a duty to provide relevant health and safety information to our customers and end-users based on supplier information. Other regulations, such as the EU ROHS directive, restrict the use of dangerous substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and others in electronics. By participating in BOMcheck, suppliers only need to upload substance data once making it available to all BOMcheck alliance member customers in a totally secure environment. An additional benefit of BOMcheck is that suppliers will be notified about any legislative change via BOMcheck, including background information about the regulations and guidance on potential applications of these regulated substances. Additionally, supplier declaration electronic signatures fully meet FDA part 11 requirements.

REACH video for suppliers

Watch and/or download the REACH introduction video for suppliers on Philips' approach to REACH