Our Green Products

Philips wants to enable consumers to make simple choices about the products they buy and the impact they have before, during and at the end of their life cycle.

Sustainability at Philips is all about improving the health and well-being of individuals through meaningful solutions. We are committed to developing, promoting and marketing more energy efficient solutions for people in all markets. We address this challenge with our Green Products and focus on Green Innovation.

In 2013 sales from Green Products increased to EUR 11.8 or 51% of sales, thereby reaching the target of 50% we set ourselves for 2015 two years ahead of plan. To ensure our green pipeline remains well stocked, we invested some EUR 509 million in Green Innovation in 2012.

Green Sales Chart 2013


Across our product range, we are driving sustainability in all aspects of product creation through our EcoDesign process. Introduced in 1994, our EcoDesign procedures deal with all phases of product development to create products that offer better environmental performance.

Through EcoDesign, we offer products that can help reduce costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. EcoDesign consider the following Philips Green Focal Areas:

Green Focal

Philips Green Logo

Philips Green Logo

Plus, we help make those choices easier when consumers shop thanks to the Philips Green logo, which clearly identifies products that have a significantly better environmental performance.




We offer green solutions throughout from energy saving lighting, medical equipment to house hold appliances