Philips announces global partnership with Live Earth

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Live Earth


World’s leading lighting provider shows solutions in energy efficiency can be simple and achievable


LOS ANGELES (May 22, 2007) – Royal Philips Electronics and Live Earth announced today Philips’ global partnership with Live Earth in the campaign to combat global warming. The Live Earth partnership will enable Philips to join Live Earth on July 7, 2007 in inspiring over two billion people worldwide to take simple steps to lead a more energy efficient lifestyle.


As the world’s leading lighting supplier and Global Lighting Partner for Live Earth, Philips is already campaigning together with the lighting industry, NGOs, energy suppliers, governments and retailers to switch to energy saving lighting in streets, offices, buildings and homes, as soon as possible.


Philips has put environmental product improvement at the heart of its business with its EcoDesign program since 1994 and is increasing its green product range year-by-year. The company was the first to introduce the energy saving light bulb back in 1980.


According to Theo van Deursen, CEO of Philips Lighting, “with new lighting technology available today, savings of up to $143 billion on energy costs are possible, reducing CO2 output with 592 million tons per year. This equates to up to 1560 million barrels of oil annually.”


“Live Earth is about engaging a global audience with solutions to the climate crisis, and we are delighted that Philips has joined us in this effort,” said Kevin Wall, Founder and Producer of Live Earth. “Philips is a valuable partner for us in showing that some solutions that help reduce our energy consumption are easy, simple and accessible to almost every individual around the globe.”  


Live Earth is a monumental music event that will bring together more than 2 billion people on July 7, 2007 to combat the climate crisis.  Live Earth will stage concerts in New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Johannesburg, Hamburg and Istanbul, and will feature a mix of both legendary music acts like The Police, Genesis, Bon Jovi and Madonna with the latest headliners like Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas and Jack Johnson.


Live Earth’s 24 hours of music across 7 continents will deliver a worldwide call to action and the solutions necessary to answer that call.  Live Earth marks the beginning of a multi-year campaign to drive individuals, corporations and governments to take action to solve the climate crisis.  Live Earth is partnering with the Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Group, Stop Climate Chaos and other international organizations in this ongoing effort.

Live Earth will reach a worldwide audience through an unprecedented global media architecture covering all media platforms – TV, radio, web and wireless channels. 

Live Earth is being produced globally by Control Room, of which Kevin Wall is CEO.  Control Room has produced and distributed more than 60 concerts since its founding in 2005 featuring Beyoncé, Green Day, and the Rolling Stones, among others.


For more information please contact:


Live Earth Spokesperson Yusef Robb


Phone: 323-384-1789


Philips spokesperson Jeannet Harpe


Phone: +31 20 59 77 199