Supplier Learning Center

What is SNC?
SNC (Supply Network Collaboration) is a web based application, used to collaborate with our suppliers. In SNC, suppliers can perform actions such as acknowledge purchase orders and publish advance shipping notices. The data in SNC is updated in real time, allowing our suppliers to quickly see changes in our orders and react to them immediately . Suppliers can access SNC through the Philips supplier portal.

Who uses SNC?
All Philips suppliers that supply Bill Of Material (BOM) items and who do not use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) use SNC.  

Below you can find the Supply Network Collaboration (SNC) training material. Please go through the tutorials prior to start using  SNC. The Quick Reference Guide offers an overview of the different functions in SNC.

Disclaimer: The training materials may not work on mobile devices

Initial system setup
Login procedure
Customizing your SNC environment
Creating alerts and setting notifications
Assigning internal product data

Purchase Order Collaboration
Acknowledging purchase orders (POs)

Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI)
Setting Time Bucket Profiles
Creating planned receipts


Scheduling Agreement Release

Acknowledging Scheduling Agreement Releases


Shipping Notification 
Creating Advance Shipping Notifications (ASNs)
Publishing Drafted Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs)
Assigning serial numbers

Uploading data in SNC

Philips Supplier Portal