We're on a mission to make the world healthier. But we know very well that our technology isn’t the only thing that can help. Whether it's highlighting the therapeutic qualities of art, supporting diversity and difference, or encouraging an active life through sport, we'll embrace every opportunity to make life just that little bit better.

inclusion & diversity
at Pride

We believe that everyone has the right to be their real self. To acknowledge each other’s differences and embrace each other’s uniqueness is one way that we can all make life better.

Proud founder of
the Rijksmuseum

We’ve sponsored the Rijksmuseum for over 15 years because art has power. It stirs emotions, provokes contemplation and promotes wellbeing. With 2016 representing the next chapter in our commitment as founder, it also shows our commitment to the belief that there’s always a way to make life better.

Playing to win

PSV (Philips Sport Vereniging) was founded in 1913 as a sports club for our employees. A way to make their lives better. From these humble beginnings PSV has grown into one of the most successful Dutch football clubs of all time.

World Heart Day partner

This World Heart Day, Philips has partnered with the organization behind it, the World Heart Federation, to raise vital awareness around cardiovascular diseases.