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At Philips, we believe that the world would be a better place if everyone could be their true self. Acknowledging difference and uniqueness is one thing. But we fully embrace inclusion and diversity. And accept everyone. We believe that by hiring people who bring diversity and fresh perspective, we can be even better too. 
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“Being able to be myself, makes it easier in all aspects of life.”

Kapil says that he has lived all over the world, but never truly felt like he could be himself. Until he started at Philips. “They see that having a diverse team is actually more likely to lead to innovation.”
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Kapil heeft over de hele wereld heeft gewoond, maar had nooit het gevoel dat hij echt zichzelf kon zijn. Tot hij bij Philips begon. “Hier realiseren ze zich dat het hebben van een divers team eerder leidt tot innovatie.”
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“It’s not important who you are, it’s important that you are happy.”

Marco explains how Philips creates an environment in which everyone can be themselves.
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“I’m able to be the same person at work as I am at home.”

Maureen describes how at Philips she finds a place to really be herself.
To achieve our mission as Philips, we need a diverse team of individuals who have different perspectives and different experiences –
and we’re creating a work environment where that difference has its voice
heard. That’s when creativity and innovation will truly flourish!

Ronald de Jong

Chief Human Resources Officer

Philips Pride Amsterdam
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Watch to see how supporting inclusion & diversity can be outrageously fun. Because ‘Life is better when #youareyou.’

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