Investor Relations


March 7, 2019
Healthcare Information Systems business of Carestream Health
Diagnosis & Treatment
A US-based provider of medical imaging and healthcare IT solutions for hospitals, imaging centers and specialty medical clinics
September 19, 2018
Blue Willow Systems
Population Health Management
A US-based developer of a next-generation, cloud-based senior living community resident safety platform.
August 29, 2018
Xhale Assurance Inc
Monitoring & Analytics
A US-based scale-up company developing and commercializing next-generation sensor technologies.
June 13, 2018
Remote Diagnostic Technologies
Therapeutic Care
A UK-based leading innovator of advanced solutions for the pre-hospital market providing monitoring, cardiac therapy and data management.
June 5, 2018
EPD Solutions
Image-Guided Therapy
An innovator in image-guided procedures for cardiac arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorders)
May 8, 2018
Sleep & Respiratory Care
A digital health scale-up company based in the Netherlands, that has developed an innovative, easy to use device to treat positional obstructive sleep apnea and positional snoring.
December 8, 2017
Population Health Management
A leading provider of cloud-based population health management solutions headquartered in the Netherlands
December 5, 2017
Healthcare Informatics
A leading innovator in open-standards-based interoperability software solutions headquartered in the Netherlands
November 24, 2017
Analytical Informatics, Inc.
Diagnosis & Treatment
A US-based start-up offering a suite of web-based software applications to enhance clinical and operational performance of imaging departments
July 18, 2017
TomTec Imaging Systems GmbH
A leading provider of intelligent image analysis software, especially for diagnostic ultrasound
July 4, 2017
Health & Parenting Ltd
Health & Wellness
A leading London-based developer of healthcare and family-related mobile applications for expectant and new parents
June 29, 2017
CardioProlific Inc.
Image-Guided Therapy
A US-based, privately-held company that is developing catheter-based thrombectomy approaches to treat peripheral vascular disease
June 28, 2017
The Spectranetics Corporation
Image-Guided Therapy
A US-based global leader in vascular intervention and lead management solutions
June 22, 2017
Electrical Geodesics
Innovation (HT other)
A US-based medical device company that designs, develops and commercializes a range of non-invasive technologies used to monitor and interpret brain activity
May 22, 2017
Sleep & Respiratory Care
A US-based provider of an innovative airway clearance solution for patients with chronic respiratory conditions
March 27, 2017
Australian Pharmacy Sleep Services
Sleep & Respiratory Care
A pioneer in pharmacy sleep testing headquartered in Sydney
July 20, 2016
Population Health Management
A leading US-based provider of population health management software solutions
June 21, 2016
Innovation (HT other)
A Northern Ireland-based leader in digital pathology image analysis, workflow software and educational tools
October 6, 2015
Blue Jay Consulting
Innovation (HT other)
A leading provider of consulting services to hospital emergency departments in the U.S.
February 17, 2015
Image-Guided Therapy
A leader in both IVUS (intravascular ultrasound) catheters that are capable of producing ultrasound images of the interior of blood vessels and FFR (fractional flow reserve) catheters that are used to assess the blood flow
For more details on the recent acquisitions and divestments, please see Note 4 in Annual report 2018.