Investor Relations

Disclosure of Securities Transactions

According to the Philips’ Rules of Conduct on Inside Information, members of the Supervisory Board are only allowed to trade in Philips securities (including the exercise of stock options) during ‘windows’ of twenty business days following the publication of annual and quarterly results (provided the person involved has no 'inside information' regarding Philips at that time).


Members of the Executive Committee hold shares in Philips for the purpose of long-term investment and will refrain from short-term transactions in Philips securities.


Furthermore, the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Management and Executive Committee contain provisions concerning ownership of and transactions in non-Philips securities by members of the Executive Committee.


Members of the Executive Committee are prohibited from trading, directly or indirectly, during Blocked Periods - as defined in the Philips Rules of Conduct on Inside Information - in securities in any of the companies belonging to the peer group of multinational electronics / electrical companies as included in the Annual Report.


Pursuant to Dutch law, members of the Board of Management of Philips have to notify the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) of any transaction in Philips securities concluded by or on behalf of them. The AFM discloses the notified transactions on its website

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