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May 08, 2018

Proactively addressing people’s cybersecurity concerns

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Most of us are by now familiar with the harsh statistics. The cost of cybercrime is expected to reach $2 trillion by 20191. Healthcare data is the #1 target for cybercriminals2. And medical data is 10 times more valuable than credit card data. 


And yet, behind these stark numbers is a very human story. A story about the abuse of people’s most intimate and private information. About infringement of their fundamental rights. And ultimately, these breaches have a deeper, hidden cost – a loss of trust. An erosion of public confidence in the healthcare community’s ability to keep people’s sensitive data secure. And that precisely at a time when connected healthcare – supported by connected devices, health apps and platforms – offers unprecedented scope to increase access to care and improve patient outcomes at lower cost. In other words, value-based healthcare.


In light of the understandable concerns about the threat of cybercrime, the challenge we as a health technology company face is to reassure and convince consumers, patients and healthcare professionals of the secure nature of our innovative solutions.


The huge number of connected digital devices, health apps and platforms in use today allows users and networks to share, search, navigate, manage, compare and analyze a virtually limitless flow of data that can be used to enhance care outcomes. However, without proper protection, this vast and growing amount of data is vulnerable to cybercrime.


Philips innovations help consumers and health professionals to connect more easily and to make better-informed decisions. At the same time, our customers are – rightly – requesting increasingly high levels of assurance regarding the security and privacy protection measures we have in place.


Our security plans encompass our people, processes and technology, with the goal of ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical data and the systems that house that data. Security – like safety and quality – is a prerequisite for confidence in the Philips brand. Customers and consumers must be able to rely on the security, safety and quality of our products and services and see the value of sharing their data – otherwise the health benefits that can come from connectivity and analysis of big data sets may not be realized. 


This is why, at Philips, we continue to invest heavily in secure systems that our customers and consumers can rely on – and to highlight the decisive role connected health technology can play in delivering value-based care. 


Click here to download our Cybersecurity position paper for healthcare professionals

Cyber Security

1) Juniper Research

2) IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report 2016

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