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Philips boosts Air portfolio with Smart Purifier announced at IFA 2013

September 5, 2013

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Berlin, Germany – As part of Philips’ commitment to deliver meaningful innovation in personal health and well-being, today Philips is showcasing its most recent innovation in Air products - the Philips Smart Air Purifier. The Smart Air Purifier is one of several digital innovations Philips is showcasing at IFA 2013.


This latest addition to the Philips Air portfolio will first launch in China and will provide families with confidence that they are breathing the cleanest air within the home. 
The app-enabled Philips Smart Air Purifier can be controlled via smartphone, providing real-time insight into not only indoor, but also outdoor air quality. Control is made easy as families can operate the Smart Air Purifier wherever they are via the app, and receive alerts when air quality reaches unsafe levels, so action can be taken.


John Smith, Vice President of Philips’ Air category, comments: “At Philips we constantly look for new opportunities to improve peoples’ lives through meaningful innovations. The air we breathe is pivotal to our health and well-being, so we strive to provide solutions which not only give families assurance that they are breathing cleaner air at home, but also provide feedback on air quality levels and offer the ultimate convenience in controlling air quality. We have seen great success with our Air portfolio within China and we now want to bring healthier air to homes across the globe.”


Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring

In addition to accessing both indoor and outdoor air quality information, families can use the app to select which city or neighbourhoods they want to track. They can gain insight into the history of the previous week’s air quality, allowing families to monitor for peak pollution patterns, such as cooking. A turbo-mode can then be scheduled to ensure air is kept as clean as possible during those times.


Controlling the product remotely means there is no lapse in air quality when families first enter the home. When a mother is returning home with her child, for example, she can check via her smartphone what the air quality is at home and activate it if necessary, ensuring air quality is improved before she sets foot in the door.


Air quality in Europe

In Europe, consumers have limited awareness of the invisible, mediocre-to-poor, indoor air quality (as stated in the Fraunhofer report) and its impact on their health. 30% of people in the EU suffer from one allergy or more (a figure that’s expected to rise to 50% by 2020) and 15% have allergic asthma*. In the future, the Philips Smart Air Purifier can help to provide insights and cleaner air to enable Europeans to live a healthier life.


The Philips Air portfolio

The Air portfolio includes a range of Air purifiers and Humidifiers that remove various contaminants such as harmful gases, small particles such as fine-dust and pollen. They are also effective against general germs, bacteria and viruses. These products can help to improve the lives of those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems - good indoor air quality can help prevent such issues from occurring or worsening.


Building on its 122 year heritage of delivering meaningful innovations that have improved quality of life for millions, Philips is responding to the changing needs of consumers today. As their lives become ever more digitally-driven and connected, Philips’ new generation of digital innovations – including the Philips Smart Air Purifier – are designed to meet consumers’ needs and expectations for greater connectivity, personalization, control and convenience. At this year’s IFA we are showcasing a new generation of digital concepts and products, spanning Male Grooming, Kitchen Appliances, Coffee, Mother and Child Care, and Air purification.


The Philips Smart Air Purifier will be first available in China from early 2014.


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*According to the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF)

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Philips Smart Air Purifier

Philips Smart Air Purifier

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