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Philips presents connected lighting for energy efficient and safer cities

March 31, 2014

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Intelligent and network-enabled LED lighting for streets, building facades and car parks


Frankfurt, Germany – At Light + Building 2014, Philips is showcasing a new line-up of connected city lighting systems that help cities address the challenge of rapid urbanization and the increasing pressure on resources like energy.


Energy efficient city infrastructure is essential for sustainable urban development - over 70% of the world’s energy supply is already consumed by cities.  Equally, cities need to remain attractive and safe places for residents and visitors, to develop as centers of economic growth.


LED lighting delivers savings of up to 80% when combined with intelligent controls. Outdoors, the white light from LEDs enhances visibility and a sense of safety for citizens. Dynamic LED architectural lighting can transform a city’s monuments, creating attractive urban spaces that draw visitors. Philips’ intelligent lighting solutions help municipal authorities take advantage of these benefits in an economically sustainable way, using data management capabilities and advances in connectivity to reduce the installation and operating costs of LED lighting.


Brighter, safer streets with energy efficient LED lighting - at the click of a mouse


Philips introduces new features for its web-based street lighting management system, enabling cities to easily make the switch to connected street lighting. CityTouch light wave is a new remote lighting management system that includes ‘’plug and play’’ connected outdoor lighting fixtures. Cities can roll out the CityTouch system quickly and cheaply, using LED outdoor fixtures that feature built-in mobile connectivity to the central management system. This eliminates the need to deploy local Radio Frequency networks, reducing installation costs.


Once such a fixture is plugged in, a light point automatically appears on the CityTouch map at the right location and with its main technical parameters already integrated into the system. Only a few clicks later, the remote lighting management system allows central control of all lights in an area, either individually or as a group. The software also provides the current lighting status, auto-notifications of faults and accurate information on energy usage of each street light.


Philips also introduces CityTouch light point, an asset management system that enables cities to easily access information about the street lighting network and receive real-time updates about lighting maintenance requirements. Amidst other features, the system provides map-based data visualizations of a city’s lighting infrastructure, enabling a city to allocate budget for street lighting upgrades to those areas where it is most needed.


Feel safe in a parking garage with intelligent LED light that accompanies you to your car


Philips’ innovative green parking LED system drives huge cost savings for indoor car parking operators, as well as improving the experience for drivers. Lighting is the only utility expense for car parking operators, switching to energy efficient light can result in profitability gains. However, many car parks either leave lighting on all the time or use inefficient controls which result in high energy costs. Alternatively, they use very little lighting, leading to users feeling unsafe whilst parking or walking through the garage.


Philips’ green parking LED system solves both problems. This wireless lighting system ‘’follows’’ cars and people around the car park, illuminating only the lights in close proximity and dimming the lights further away, resulting in a significant energy saving, while giving users piece of mind. For example, a vehicle driving around a corner will find the lighting already switched on ahead of it, or a pedestrian emerging from a stairwell into a corridor will see their pathway light up in front of them.


The system is easy to install in new or existing parking structures as the system is based on wireless enabled motion sensors and fixtures that do not require expensive re-wiring of the lighting infrastructure.

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