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Philips highlights new automotive products at Shanghai Automechanika 2013 and looks back at a century of innovation in automotive

December 10, 2013

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Shanghai — Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) introduced a range of new automotive innovations at Shanghai Automechanika 2013, kick-starting its 100th anniversary of a century of global innovations, enhancing people's life on the move by offering innovative solutions and services that make their means of mobility safer, more stylish and environmentally friendly.


Philips Automotive is the world’s leading supplier of lamps to the automotive industry and aftermarket, equipping one-in-three cars worldwide with products that meet the highest global quality and safety standards. Booth number of Philips Automotive pavilion at Automechanika Shanghai 2013 is W1D10.


Speaking at the exhibition, Dominiek Plancke, CEO, Philips Lighting Automotive, said: “We have led the automotive lighting industry since 1914, developing cutting-edge technologies to create solutions that make driving safer and more stylish and environmentally friendly. Our on-going commitment is to lead the advancement and modernization of automotive lighting, as is encapsulated in the new brand identity created to lead us into our next era of customer-driven innovation and growth: Innovation & You.”


Philips has introduced many innovations over the years, pioneering the development of halogen and xenon lamps and light-emitting diode (LED) and organic LED (OLED) technologies. Dominiek Plancke said, “As we enter our second century, we are expanding our product portfolio with exciting new solutions. China, a centre of global automotive production and the world’s largest automotive market, is certainly the most ideal place for us to launch our 100th anniversary celebrations and showcase our latest products to the APAC market.”


At Shanghai Automechanika 2013, Philips continues to demonstrate its state-of-art technology and advanced design capability. “The depth of innovation and breadth of product range on display in Shanghai is designed to meets the needs of the automotive market in China and around the world,” explained Klemens Brunner, General Manager Philips Lighting Automotive Asia Pacific.


The new solutions include:


  • Philips Automotive Driving Recorder*
    Philips Automotive Driving Recorder is a compact video camera that is fitted to hide behind the rearview mirror to record road conditions automatically from when the vehicle is started. The Automotive Driving Recorder empowers drivers with irrefutable evidence and helps authorities to clarify accident responsibilities. With instant collision detection and file save protection, your emergency video is automatically saved to ensure its accuracy, secure the evidence and prevent overwriting.

    * Philips Automotive Driving Recorder will be available in selected countries in the APAC market in the first quarter of 2014.

  • Philips GoPure Automotive Clean Air System*
    Based on our advanced air purifying innovations in healthcare environments, Philips GoPure comes with Philips-patented HESA filter that ensure health and wellbeing of the whole family while driving in the car. Philips GoPure is a portable medical-grade air purifier precisely engineered to eliminate 99.9% of bad odours, harmful gases, smoke, bacteria, dust, pollen and other particulates. Designed with one HEPA filter, three HESA filters and a powerful motor, the compact unit is fast and effective. It has two speeds, including a boost mode that can purify the air in a car interior within 10 minutes, and is easy to install and operate; a replacement indicator warns when filters need changing and filters are easily replaced, without tools.

    * Philips GoPure Automotive Clean Air System will be available in the selected countries in the APAC market in the first quarter of 2014.

  • LED Fog Bulb*
    Philips LED light bulbs combine a warm white light with exceptional energy saving over a very long lifetime.  Currently widely used in daytime running lights and in luxury and high-end vehicles, they allow automotive designers to create striking shapes and assemblies to enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. The Xtreme Ultinon Fog bulb provides high-lumen bright white light output in combination with a beam pattern which matches the regular filament bulb to ensure maximum safety on the road. The LED Fog bulb can give up to 45% more light on the road than standard halogen bulbs. The patented SafeBeam design brings maximum visibility with a beam pattern that does not glare other road users.

    * Philips LED Fog Bulb will be available in the selected countries in the APAC market in the first quarter of 2014.

  • Philips WhiteVision*
    Philips WhiteVision head lamp features the exclusive Philips Coating Technology™ on the filament, the precise blue absorption coating helps provide 4100K white light, which brings 20% more white light than is produced by a standard lamp to improve road safety. Philips WhiteVision also uses Philips’ only high-performance small-diameter burner with optimized gas mixture to generate 40% more light on the road and achieve excellent beam performance compared with standard lamps.

    * Philips WhiteVision will be available in selected countries in the APAC market in the first quarter of 2014.

  • Philips WeatherVision*
    Philips WeatherVision lamp is designed to improve driving safety, especially in rainy or foggy weather conditions. It takes advantage of new technology to provide a full yellow coating and deliver high-performance yellow light. Philips WeatherVision is ECE compliant (with the exception of the H4 100W/90W lamp). Homogenous yellow light has the following advantages in adverse weather conditions:

    • Penetrates better to allow the driver to see further ahead
    • Reduces glare for better driving comfort
    • Increases visibility to oncoming traffic and road users

    * Philips WeatherVision is now available in selected countries in the APAC market. The product will be introduced to the rest of APAC countries in the first quarter of 2014.

  • Philips ColorVision*
    Philips ColorVision is a revolutionary way for car enthusiasts to add colour to their car optics, personalizing their car’s headlamps with a touch of blue, green, yellow or purple. Using a special coating that reflects light into the lamp’s reflector optics, these innovative road-legal coloured car bulbs illuminate the headlamps with the chosen shade while projecting pure white light forward. ColorVision lights up the road ahead with 60% more light than any other standard lamp, increasing visibility by 25 metres and making it easier for drivers to anticipate obstacles.

    * Philips ColorVision was introduced in Europe and is currently not available in the APAC market.


“We are leveraging Philips’ expertise in lighting, healthcare and consumer products to continuously improve safety and comfort for drivers. This includes lighting solutions to suit different roads, penetrate better in adverse weather conditions and times of day and extend to air quality and to using lighting to reflect their unique style and personality,” said Klemens Brunner.


Shanghai Automechanika 2013
The largest automotive trade show in Asia, Automechanika Shanghai covers 200,000 square meters of exhibition space and occupies all 17 halls of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. More than 80,000 international and domestic buyers are expected over the four-day event, held this year from December 10-13, 2013.


Booth number of Philips Automotive pavilion at Automechanika Shanghai 2013 is W1D10.

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