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From floor to ceiling, Philips Showcases Latest in Connected Lighting and Unique Applications of LED at LIGHTFAIR 2015

May 4, 2015

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New York, NY – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), the global leader in lighting, today announced it will showcase the latest innovations in connected lighting systems, including Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) luminaires, app-based controls, and cloud-based technologies at LIGHTFAIR International 2015. On display at the Philips booth #1207 will be luminous carpets and ceilings, as well as unique lighting systems such as HealWell for hospital environments, new applications that allow remote management of lighting technologies, all demonstrating how Philips continues to deliver value beyond illumination to meets the unique goals of businesses, organizations, and individuals.


“We live in an internet-age marked by 24/7 connectivity and these trends are fundamentally transforming the way we use and interact with light,” says Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Lighting. “We pioneered the way to energy efficient LED lighting and are now doing the same for connected lighting, delivering transformative implementations for cities, offices, retail and the home. We’re driving value in lighting that goes beyond illumination and energy efficiency. For example, this includes streetlights that communicate their location and slash the cost of maintenance, office lighting to improve productivity and supermarket lighting to enhance customer loyalty by enabling special offers to be pushed to shoppers’ smartphones. Our innovations are driving the biggest shake-up in the industry since the invention of the electric light bulb.”


Connected Lighting Systems


  • Connected fixtures with visible light communications (VSL): Personal control capabilities allow users to easily adjust their environments. Philips Ledalite VersaForm LED recessed fixtures and Philips Lightolier Calculite LED round downlights use Power-over-Ethernet and VSL technology to deliver professional lighting experiences and allow communications for control via personal devices. PoE delivers low-voltage power to each fixture, allowing the configuration and redesign of a space without the added costs of electrical rewiring or hardware installation.
  • Philips ActiveSite: is a cloud-based connected lighting management platform that allows Philips Color Kinetics architectural LED lighting systems to be remotely monitored, maintained, and managed. Content, such as light shows, can be uploaded from anywhere in the world. ActiveSite has recently been adopted as part of the Tappan Zee lighting project in New York City.
  • Philips Envision: is a fully integrated, indoor lighting management software platform that offers centralized management and monitoring of all system components at the building or space level. The Envision suite enables superior energy effcienciences than LED upgrades and enables benefits that go beyond illumination, such as reduced maintenace costs, improve space optimization and control of lighting and settings such as temperarure.
  • Philips CityTouchconnector nodes: make any LED street light connected with Philips ‘plug & play’ CityTouch connector nodes, a new patented technology from Philips enabling city authorities to get their street lights network ready with an easy to install, first of its kind ‘plug &play’ system that uses the cellular network to connect LED street lights from any manufacturer for remote management by Philips CityTouch software. The technology helps cities protect investments making ‘dumb’ third-party street lights smart and connected, while reducing energy consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional lighting technologies.
  • Philips ZoneScape is an app-based control system that allows users to turn on and off pre-determined zones of landscape lighting with a smartphone.
  • Philips Lumec RoadFocus LED cobra heads roadway luminaires provide energy-efficient and uniform light. RoadFocus combines with the Philips CityTouch lighting management software platform for a connected lighting system that provides additional options such as dimming based on motion sensors, energy data and real-time alerts for more efficient maintenance response.
  • Philips Lumec SleekVision and ClassicStyle post top and bollards offer modern and traditional designs for lighting open public spaces safely and sustainably. Both incorporate ClearGuide LED technology for a transparent visual appearance during the day, while achieving comfortable uniform light at night.


Architectural Applications


  • Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling: integrates LED lights with textiles to create a white light ceiling surface that hides the source of light completely, offering architects a unique and innovative solution that provides uniform, glare-free functional white light for hospitality, public, and retail spaces. The system has an ultra-thin minimalistic design and is available in customized sizes and a variety of mounting options, allowing for the highest level of design freedom.
  • Philips eW Fuse Powercore: luminaire has an innovative design that shapes and directs light to produce extremely uniform illumination for washing and grazing applications, exceeding the light uniformity of comparable solutions. When combined with ActiveSite, the luminaire can supports remote monitoring and management of individual light points.


Luminous Carpets


Philips and Tandus Centiva are integrating the carpet into commercial interior design, using carpet as a communication medium.  Now the flooring is a programmable messaging tool capable of informing, directing, welcoming and inspiring people.  For example, the carpet can direct people to building exits in case of an emergency, or point them to the coffee machine or restrooms.


Health and wellbeing products


  • Using tunable white light with light recipes that support the body’s natural Circadian rhythms, Philips Day-Brite ClearAppeal and Philips Day-Brite EcoStyle allow students to focus more, while improving alertness and providing excellent visual comfort in the classroom.
  • Philips HealWell lighting system uses spectrally tunable LED luminaires with integrated controls to offer the first healthcare solution that supports circadian rhythms and improves sleep for patients, and provides a comfortable environment for staff and caregivers.


Philips whitepaper


In addition to its latest solutions and connected lighting systems, Philips will also release “Light for Public Space,” a new whitepaper that explores diverse lighting projects that use contemporary lighting technologies to expand the potential o fpublic spaces. The whitepaper shows ways in which lighting projects can revitalize urban nightscapes and activate public space, ways in which lighting designers can use LED lighting to create cities that are welcoming, safe, and attractive, and ways in which digital lighting can contribute to the inclusive and sustainable nature of cities.

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