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Engineering the future of global health solutions

Exercise your creativity

As an engineering professional at Philips, you’ll be challenged. Because engineering meaningful innovation is about creating and improving solutions that will delight and surprise customers. Because we’re building things no one has built before. In a vibrant, international environment, where your colleagues share a passion for making the world a better place to live.

Innovations that matter

As a Philips engineer, you’ll work on developing new technologies for new industries. You’ll be asked to find fast solutions, and constantly introduce changes for the better. You may be called on to take responsibility for projects from the idea stage right through to production. And you’ll have the opportunity to contribute your own ideas to our fast-growing patent portfolio. Simply because you want to apply your skills to create truly innovative solutions that resonate with users.


Wide-ranging opportunities

We engage hardware and software, research and mechanical engineers. You will work in multidisciplinary teams on projects that reflect the broad diversity of Philips, handling complex projects in our consumer and professional health business groups. In our Corporate Technologies division, you can work on developing new ideas and processes that can be applied throughout our organization.


Connected propositions

Exciting opportunities are available at Philips for engineers with combined technological and business or marketing knowledge. Because connected propositions are about fast development and multiple iterations. Adding new features and capabilities. Combining mechanics, electronics, software and materials. Knowing what customers and consumers want, and the importance of meeting genuine needs.


Career building

We’re looking for independent go-getters. Engineers who understand the complexities and nuances of connected propositions. And who welcome the challenges of working in multidisciplinary teams. At Philips, you can broaden your expertise and experience, and reach your full potential. You can drive your career in the directions you want.

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