Coder Profile

Yuan Liu
Name: Masha Nikolski
Position: I4 Project Lead
Joined Philips: 2015

I think I’ve always known I would end up working in some kind of healthcare setting. I come from four generations of doctors, so I’ve been around medicine and people that work to make others’ lives better for as long as I can remember.

Initially I thought I’d follow in my mum’s footsteps and become a doctor, but the more I contemplated it the more I thought I was destined for something else; maths and physics were always my favourite lessons at school, so I decided to find a position that fitted with those subjects.

It was only after studying for my MBA that I discovered the specific path I wanted to follow. I started to play around with computer graphic design and quickly realised how developing in that area could significantly benefit my career.

My role is diverse; I create models, run algorithms and extract data, all with the aim of increasing the efficiency of our systems. I’d describe my position as quite a strange mix of engineering and management, but it suits me perfectly. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

I enjoying working with technology and being at the forefront of innovation, and Philips allows me to continually expand my knowledge and keep searching for better, more efficient ways of operating.

This is certainly the only field of work I want to be involved with going forward; the combination of technology and medicine is exactly the type of work environment I want to be in.