Coder Profile

Rashmi Rao
Name: Rashmi Rao
Position: Mobile Application Developer
Joined Philips: January 2015 

When I joined Philips, like many, I was just another software engineer clueless about what value my job would bring to myself and others. It took some time to figure out eventually what I was chasing, how my codes were affecting others and the impact my work environment had on me.

As a mobile application developer at Philips, I was tasked to co-develop an app called ‘Sonicare’ for Philips’ Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush range. The mobile app would sync with a brush real-time to teach, monitor, and track dentist-recommended brushing habits in kids through a parent dashboard. It encourages brushing by sending reminders, and presents and awards on continuous brushing.

The ingenuity of the incredible app made many kids excited about brushing, enabling longer and better brushing, as told 98% of surveyed parents. Seeing the tangible benefits that my codes have brought in others’ lives puts a big smile on my face every day I go to work at Philips. It also made me go after perfection in the work I do to create incredible products day in, day out.

Being part of a ground-breaking product does not come easy. There have been times when I had to put in long hours against demanding deadlines. When you aim for the moon, you have to think big and lock your focus on your final goal, ignoring temporary discomforts and setbacks. But, when you start seeing the usefulness of your creation being appraised by other people, all your struggle pays off. You start caring about every single line of code you write.

I always believed in the quote: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  But, to turn your ideas into reality requires an environment that is conducive, where your creativity can thrive; Philips offered me that. The company gives you a transparent access to leadership and a platform where ideas are heard. In just one and half years of working here, I can already see the impact my codes are having, especially in children. Philips is a place where you are not bound by predetermined requirements as you find in other software companies. Instead, we are encouraged to bring our creativity to the table and solve real-life problems through our codes.

Philips is the innovation growth engine where ground-breaking products, personal and professional growth and amazing work culture culminate. It is the platform that lets you bring betterment into people’s lives with incredible products. The place has inspired me to start seeing my codes in a new light like never before, for the change it brings to others. So, I code to care for others.

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