Coder Profile

Alex Hunt
Name: Alex Hunt
Position: Software Engineer
Joined Philips: 2012 

I joined the Lumify team as an intern and subsequently moved into a full-time role once I graduated.

The work we are doing with Lumify is unique and, because I’ve been around the project since its conception, I’ve been able to observe its continual evolution. I feel very proud to be one of the people that has helped bring this product to market, and it certainly ranks as the highlight achievement of my career with the company so far.

From the very start Philips has given the team the time needed to fully flesh out concepts, or to slow down if it means perfecting a certain aspect of the build. We have a lot of control over what we prioritize, and I have yet to meet anyone in the organization that is unwilling to assist if they can.

As a software engineer at Philips you have the opportunity to work across a variety of areas such as software development, production of hardware, various aspects of UI and rendering and optimization, to name just a few. Having the opportunity to utilize your skills in a variety of areas is just one of the elements that makes working for Philips so rewarding.