Recruitment process

Philips Recruitment Process


Our goal is to deliver all job candidates an experience that is reflective of our company values – Caring, Innovative, and Impactful at every step in the hiring process. The process itself consists of 3 phases: Application & First Assessment, Interviews and Decisions.

Application & first assessment

Application & First assessment

Explore | We encourage you to first learn about working at Philips to make sure you have a genuine interest in our company and that we’re a good match for you both personally and professionally.


You can then view all of our open positions on our Career Center search page.  Refine your search based on your skills and interests. You can search by job function, location or keywords.


If you don’t find a job opening that fits your skills and interests after conducting a search, you can always submit a general profile to Philips Talent Community.  After completing and submitting the short form, you will be signed up to receive quarterly email updates with new HOT JOBS, company news, and stories from our people. You’ll then also be eligible to be contacted by a Philips Recruiter if and when a new role becomes available that meets your profile description.


Apply | We collect all applications via a single database to ensure fairness to all applicants and drive efficiency in our hiring process.


If you do find a job opening that fits your skills and interests, just complete the simple online apply process by creating a profile in our system and uploading your CV/resume. (It also helps to include a link to your LinkedIn profile if you have one that is current.) Once your application has been submitted successfully, you will receive a confirmation email.

Application tips

Be concise and clear in what you submit to us in terms of your CV/resume and cover letter.  An important part of the selection process is how you are able to translate your skills and expertise on your CV/resume to what we are looking for in the role.
Apply tip

First Assessment

Our Talent Acquisition team works with hiring managers to assess “right fit” candidates for each vacancy


Your application will be reviewed by a Talent Acquisition professional and assessed as either “Successful” or “Unsuccessful” according to the position requirements and hiring manager preferences.


If your application is successful, a member of our team will be in touch with you to arrange a telephone, personal or online interview.

If your application is unsuccessful, you will receive an email notifying you of this status. While we would prefer to personally call each one of our applicants to inform them of this status, we unfortunately cannot due to the volume of applications we receive.  Know that we still appreciate your interest in working for Philips and that we respect the time you took to complete an application.  Your resume will remain in our database and be searchable by recruiters identifying candidates for other roles on a continuous basis. You can always request your personal information be removed from our database by sending an email request to


We believe that job interviews should be two-way conversations. Always be prepared to answer some challenging questions and also ask some of your own to the interviewer.  


First Interview | Your first interview will be with a Talent Acquisition specialist (recruiter).

During this first interview, the recruiter will want to discuss your background and experience relative to the job which you applied for. He/she will also want to understand your short and long term career interests to assess whether or not the specific role is a BEST fit for you, or if other available jobs (now or in the future) might be better matches.



Golden rule: Be sure you know the requirements of the role you are applying for and can explain why you are a great match for it.


Next Interviews | If you successfully move past the first round recruiter interview, you will proceed to next round interviews with the business team. The exact amount of interviews and who you’ll meet with varies by role, location and hiring manager. We always aim to be respectful of your valuable time, while also ensuring proper due diligence is possible for both parties.



  1. Get to know us At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Our goal is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025 and be the best place to work for people who share our passion. We innovate for people, starting with our own. Our people serve a purpose in the world that is bigger than themselves, and we believe that our company is at its best when our people are at theirs. Check out our Innovation + You Stories and Case Studies for more insights.

  2. Be yourself so we can get to know youDuring the interview process, we want to get to know you... What your values are, what strengths you have, what goals you are aiming towards, etc. The best way to tell if there is a strong match is if both parties are authentic throughout the interview process. So speak honestly, sincerely, and show your personality. (HINT: Showing passion for what you do helps! At Philips we are not just looking for employees. We are looking for passionate people who get energized by the opportunity to help make life better for billions of people worldwide. Tell us about your own passions and how they will enhance ours!)
  3. Do your researchSince Philips is a 125 year old global company focused on health technology and solutions, we'll expect you to know a bit about our history and what we do (AND what we don’t do anymore!). Among other things, we encourage you to become familiar with our industry, the challenges we face, and the markets in which we operate. There are many articles, videos, and other content assets on the web which you should be able to find quite quickly.

  4. Make a good first impression: First impressions stick. It’s not because we say they do; it’s just science. Being on time, being friendly to your interviewer (and other staff members you interact with during the proess) all matter. We’re not just looking for smart candidates. We are also looking for candidates who take ownership of their responsibilities, can team up to excel with others and who are eager (and prepared) to win!

  5. Ask AwayWe understand you are in the process of making a decision that will significantly impact your and/or your family’s life. Take this opportunity to ask questions that are important for your evaluation. Some common questions we get are if Philips encourages employees to get involved in the community, if and how we develop our people, the details behind our mission/vision and what types of career experiences one can expect while working for Philips. You can use these topics as inspiration for your questions or develop your own list!


Decisions and selection

Selection | After your final round interviews, there is a short internal debrief meeting held between all interviewers and the recruiter. This is to ensure all evaluations and experiences are heard before making the important final decision. The decision, along with supporting feedback, are then shared with you as the candidate. Because timing for follow up tends to vary (based on interviewer schedules, holidays, etc.), we suggest that you ask your final interviewer or recruiter for the timeline in which you should expect feedback if they don’t proactively share this information at the end of your last interview.


If you are selected for the position, your Philips Recruiter will contact you to verbally discuss the terms of your job offer and a potential start date. After this verbal discussion, you will then receive written documentation that includes your complete job offer details and instructions for confirming your acceptance (we hope). Your recruiter will be available to answer any questions or further requests you may have to finalize the recruitment process.


If you are not selected for the position, your recruiter should share this information with you as well.  We then also keep your resume in our database so that other recruiters may find it when searching for candidates to fit other roles.  You can always request your personal information be removed from our database by sending an email request to