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It’s a great feeling to know you work for a brand that’s touching the lives of billions of people

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Vijay Devarajan, Lean Champion


Vijay Devarajan is part of Philips’ blossoming Chennai hub. He is a problem solver who is passionate about assisting in the development of progressive health care technologies. 


My name’s Vijay Devarajan, and I’m part of Philips’ flourishing hub in Chennai. I joined the company because of its reputation for using advanced technology to help billions of people around the world live better lives.

We’re a young team, both in terms of average age and how long we’ve been operational, but we’re growing rapidly. It’s exciting to watch the hub’s development and progression; in two years’ time it will be far bigger and our functions will have massively expanded, and that’s testament to the great work that's already happening here.


Working with cutting-edge technology, and surrounded by people that are true pioneers in the field of health, means you quickly realize just how important the work we do is. 


Everything we do is focused on solving problems. Our efforts are making operations smoother, more efficient and more intelligent. However, what we do can often be complex and challenging, which is why Philips provides various courses and learning programmes to keep everyone at the very top of their game. There’s always new knowledge or techniques to discover, and Philips provides all the tools you could possibly need. There’s so much scope for improvement, regardless of what you choose to focus your energies on.

I feel incredibly proud to be part of Philips’ ongoing journey and story. The people in my team encourage me when times get tough – which can happen in such an innovative environment – and they've given me additional confidence in my own abilities. Not only that, but it’s amazing to be constantly reminded that the work we do ensures people around the world can live happier, healthier lives.


It’s a fantastic feeling to know you work for a brand that’s touching the lives of billions of people.


Philips is passionate about healthcare, and that’s clear from the way the company cares for its employees. Of course we are here primarily to do a job, but it’s far easier to attain objectives with a happy, committed and dedicated workforce. There are numerous social activities on and around the campus, and employees are encouraged to remain fit, healthy and to make the most of their time outside of work.