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A meaningful career which gives back to society

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Name: Jowyn Goh

Role: Senior Field Marketing Manager

Location: Singapore

Growing up, I was taken care of by my nanny. I was always impressed by her willingness to share what little she had with the people around her. She would bring me on trips to the temple and we would do volunteer work together. Over time, I believe that this inculcated in me the importance of helping others and giving back to the community.
After graduation from university, I started working for a global pharma company. This role brought me to the UK, China and other parts of Asia. I found my work to be meaningful as I could contribute to developing medicines that help alleviate illnesses in society.
Now in my current role at Philips, I am able to dedicate my time closer to the frontline. I speak to healthcare professionals to find out the practical challenges they face in the hospitals.  It is gratifying to be able to meet their needs in this new capacity, so that patients can access quality healthcare.

I’m particularly encouraged that Philips is committed to design cost-effective products to ensure quality healthcare is accessible to emerging markets as well.


In my spare time, I enjoy giving back to the community. Over the years, I’ve done various volunteering stints in developing countries, such as teaching English to migrant children in China, and participating in a medical mission in Cambodia to serve poor villagers. I also sponsored a child from a minority tribe in Thailand for 6 years, until she reached the age of 18. Within Philips, I am the CSR lead on the Employee Wellness Team - I try to take every available opportunity to participate in the company’s community outreach projects.

Being in Philips has enabled me to have a meaningful career, and at the same time lead a fulfilling life. Despite my hectic travel schedule, I am still able to make time to pursue my passion, which is that of helping others. As a global citizen, I feel completely at home at Philips.