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To every problem, there will always be a solution…

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Name: Elena Lim

Title: Senior Field Marketing Manager

Location: Singapore


I am a Senior Field Marketing Manager at Philips, focusing on our Oncology-related solutions. Our goal as a company is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025 and create healthier societies through a more connected form of healthcare across the entire health continuum. In Oncology, we work along the health continuum and across modalities, to improve patient care by providing accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.


This area of medical science has always been close to my heart because I lost my grandmother to cancer. Since I entered the healthcare industry, I have been able to see the impact of my work on people’s lives. I can see how our innovations are helping to save lives and provide care not just for patients, but also for their family and friends.  


The position I am in is completely new, and that has given me scope to develop the role and its function within Philips’ overall operation. It has offered me the opportunity to learn from my past experiences, and subsequently figure out in which directions we should be heading, what methods should be adopted, and how we can effectively reach our target audience.


The culture at Philips is one of collaboration and openness. I appreciate the fact that my managers are approachable, and that I have the autonomy to explore creative solutions within a supportive network. We are encouraged to be innovative and to think outside the box, and that shows just how much Philips values and trusts its employees.


I am also part of the team which is heading the creation of our new health continuum space which will be featured in the Philips APAC Center in Toa Payoh, Singapore. This dedicated space enables the prototyping of new solutions that will make a meaningful difference in the future of patient care – yet another great example of the company’s desire to keep innovating and progressing.


My father used to make evident that to every problem, there will always be a solution, and that has pretty much governed the way I work today. At Philips we are helping to cure people and give them a better quality of life, and I am very gratified to be part of an organization that is creating valuable, life-enhancing products that truly help people when they are at their most vulnerable. I believe that good healthcare starts at home and this is what the Philips family hopes to do – by helping to tackle cancer and other medical challenges right from the very start.


We are problem-solvers and innovators, and anyone with an interest in making a positive difference in the world of healthcare will do well at Philips.