Philips BioCell Announcement


Philips Biocell Annnountment


May 2017


Dear Visitor,


We are happy to share the news, that we have recently signed an agreement with Biosense Solutions ApS, to take over the service and support, assets and customer relations of the oCelloScope activities that Philips had stopped.


We are optimistic about this agreement, since we both see the value and potential in this technology, especially for research purposes and supporting applications beyond what is in the strategic core of Philips. Both parties have found a path to maximize the investments made in the past by previous investors, among others by the Danish Innovation fund.


Biosense Solutions ApS will take over Philips BioCells rights and obligations in connection with oCelloScope and develop the device further for other applications. Further, they will continue supplying devices to new customers and at the same time serve the installed base with warranty, service and customer support.

Philips will be focusing on bringing an own Point of Care device to market, based on the Fluidscope technology, and a large part of the former Philips Biocell team in Denmark are continuing to develop this within the Philips Handheld Diagnostics business.

We will be gradually moving communication from the previous mail address to Biosense Solutions:

Please use this contact information going forward and update your contacts accordingly.  


By having created this new future for oCelloScope and its applications in the Research space in a good partnership, involving key people that are  experienced with the product and market, we are confident to have secured a bright future for this exciting technology.


Best regards,


Marcel van Kasteel

General Manager, Philips HHDx


Eric Spillum

General Manager, Biosense Solutions ApS