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Are you facing a technical challenge? Are you looking for an alternative for sapphire, expensive (precious) metals or advanced plastics? Are you looking for a material with a wide range of technical applications and possibilities? Technical ceramics offer a unique combination of extreme properties that find their application in many different sectors.


Philips Ceramics Uden (PCU) is working with different high purity materials such as Alumina, Zirconia, YAG, Perovskites etc.

Typical material characteristics are:
· Chemically inert
· Good thermal stability

· Corrosion resistant

· Either Gas-tight and non-porous or porous with different pore sizes and porosities
· Translucent, white or colored
· Electrically isolating
· Very hard and wear resistant

The materials can be produced in many different forms through injection molding. Philips Ceramics Uden develops a solution for every technical challenge: robust, very accurate, of the highest quality and cost effective.

what does philips ceramics uden do

About us?

The advanced ceramic components, which Philips Ceramics Uden develops and manufactures, can be deployed in many different ways. Our ceramic injection molding process offers a great freedom in design while retaining extreme precision. With our extrusion processes we are able to produce both single- and multi-channel tubes and rods with high accuracy in radial dimensions. 


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Applications and Downloads

Technical ceramics are used in various industries; here you can find a series of applications for which PCU is producing products. You can also find brochures and leaflets with specific information.

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Do you want in impression of what of our highly automated factory? See what Philips Ceramics Uden can do for you (video’s).

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why philips ceramics uden

Why Philips Ceramics Uden?

Philips Ceramics Uden has ample experience in developing advanced solutions for technical challenges. We combine a successful history with a future-focused vision and proven technologies with unique products.

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