World class in ceramic components


Our general brochure gives an overview on what Philips Ceramics Uden (PCU) can do for you and the typical characteristics of our technical ceramics.


High intensity discharge lamps

For over 60 years PCU is producing the translucent ceramic parts (polycrystalline alumina) for the Philips HID lamps. Around 50 million pieces with different shapes are produced per year.

PCU has developed products of the highest translucency in the world.

injection moulding

Porous ceramic tubes are used in different filtration applications (from Micro-filtration to Nano-filtration) when temperatures are too high or the media is too aggressive for other porous materials.

PCU has developed various materials and tube geometries as filter material or as membrane carrier.

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PCU has developed a series of crucibles (sample pans) for f.e. TGA/DSC measurements that can replace sapphire and alumina sample pans. These polycrystalline alumina crucibles are much more cost effective than sapphire crucibles with the same properties. Download our brochure for more info.

Grinder discs & piercing needles
Coffee grinder discs are made of Alumina to avoid wear on the grinder and because of the better taste of the coffee compared to metal grinders. And our piercing needles are designed with strong ribs to pierce coffee pods with great precision and will last for the entire lifetime of the machine.
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Sensor materials
More and more ceramics are used in sensors. The poly crystalline alumina of PCU can withstand extreme temperatures and therefore replace sapphire, alumina and metals in f.e PT100 like sensors.

The injection molding process + the joining technique developed by PCU gives a freedom in design that was not seen before in this area creating opportunities for f.e. capacitors or pressure sensors.

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Oven Furniture

Philips Ceramics Uden develops custom made oven furniture. The high purity alumina that is developed for translucent lighting products has various advantages when used in carrier materials for high temperatures. These carriers are made of ultra-pure (99,99%) Poly Crystalline Alumina (PCA) which has outstanding properties like f.e. very little creep compared to other aluminas.

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Aesthetic design with ceramic parts

Injection molded parts made out of colored zirconia with or without polishing; PCU has the industrial base to make large volumes at a very attractive cost. We produce our products custom made so please contact us if you have a 3D design in mind. We can check possibilities and give a cost indication.




Medical applications, lens arrays, tube connections, parts with metal feedthrough or metals printed on ceramics; PCU has done projects developing a wide range of ceramics based solutions of which you can see some examples below. Please contact us if you have an idea or problem. We can discuss possibilities and give you an idea of pricing.