Creating magic together

We are a company who believes in empowering people to make healthy decisions and take control of their lifestyle. Through relevant data and mobile services we give them insights into their personal health, as well as tools which help them enjoy life to the fullest.

During the Hackathon we want you to help us take this to the next level.
If you have an open attitude, the courage to be different, plenty of new ideas and the bold spirit, then let’s team up and make some magic!


Giving data real impact


Use the power of mix and match to develop something truly impactful with our data.

We have the technology to help people measure and monitor their movements, activities and food intake. But how can we channel this so it can be used to make healthier decisions? And can the data be used in a smarter way to generate more insights about behavior and habits?

App ideas from earlier hackathons

Diabetes Helper

Smart online or mobile tools to locate medicine, shopping tips and symptom recognition services.

Crowdsourcing Health

How can our social environment help us live healthier lifestyles and enable (elderly and disabled) people to stay independent for longer?

Parent Helper

Helping parents of a new-born baby to draw conclusions and provide better care by showing daily activities (like feeding and sleeping) in a timeline

Health Coach

How can we support people to make better-informed decisions based on sensor and shopping data?

Gamifying Health

What happens when health becomes more fun and impactful through gamification?

Smart monitors

How does our environment (e.g. heat and humidity) affect our health?

Healthy weekly menu generator

Can we provide healthy menu inspiration by making a weekly program for recipes and an automatic shopping list generator?

Extra reward


We are offering a special price of 2000 euro to the team from the health topic with the most meaninfgful idea.

Choose one of the challenges below and show us what you’re capable of!

healthy living

Healthy living

Can you help make sure people get the information they need in order to take well-informed decisions about their behavior and habits relating to health & well-being?

Diabetes image


How can you transform data on elderly diabetes patients into a form they easily understand, which empowers them to get a grip on their condition and which can be shared immediately with different caregivers?

Digital parenting

Digital parenting

Our products collect loads of data relevant to the healthy development of babies and small children. Can you bring that data to life?

Why we care

A technology company that cares about people

From our very first light bulbs and radios, we’ve had one mission at the heart of our company – to improve people’s lives through innovation that matters. We don’t just invent; we entertain, we enlighten, we solve. We are a technology company that cares about people. It’s in our DNA, and it’s time to let it shine.

Touching lives around the globe
Today, as we enter a transformative era for healthcare, our technology is making it possible for healthcare professionals and other caregivers to connect with, care for and engage with patients in a profound new way, throughout the health continuum. We want you to be part of that!

The health continuum

Health continuum

How many lives can your innovations improve?
Design your career with Philips to find out.


We’re currently looking to hire an abundance of experts in cloud, big data, machine learning / AI, back end, front end, mobile and UI/UX who are interested in creating original, meaningful innovations in a dynamic environment across a range of domains, including:

  • Digital health propositions
  • Wearable technologies
  • Application Insights (both consumer and clinical)
  • Personal care & well-being
  • Connected lighting solutions

Interested? Let’s have a conversation.
To learn more about these projects and potential employment opportunities,
please contact Luuk Bosshardt at +31 611566397 or at

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