Digital support for type 2 diabetes patients


How can you transform data on elderly diabetes patients into a form they easily understand, which empowers them to get a grip on their condition and which can be shared immediately with different caregivers?


Type 2 diabetes is on the rise worldwide; hundreds of millions of people are currently suffering from this debilitating disease. We want you to help us create an app (and other tools) to make the lives of type 2 diabetics easier and which empowers them to take control of their situation - especially when they are elderly. By combining readings on glucose levels with medication reminders, lifestyle tips and alerts it’s possible to make a big difference to their lives. But only when the information is presented in a clear and informative way, particularly for older people with a limited grasp of the digital world.

API Data

blood glucose, blood pressure, burned calories, energy intake, fat percentage, hba1c (glycohemoglobin), heart rate, resting heart rate, skintemperature, sleep duration, steps, weight



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