Empowering the health-conscious


Can you help make sure people get the information they need in order to take well-informed decisions about their behavior and habits relating to health & well-being?


The idea of the ‘quantified self’ is on the rise. More and more of us are monitoring our activity levels and vital signs in order to stay healthier and fitter. Unfortunately, factors like uninspiring interfaces, data overload, many different data points, or lack of real actionable information, no holistic overview and human nature mean it’s not uncommon for us to start losing interest over time. Your challenge is to present data generated by various wearables, digital monitoring devices and from other sources in a way that feels fresh, relevant, interesting and fun - so people feel inspired to continue taking care of themselves.

API Data

blood pressure, burned calories, energy intake, fat percentage, heart rate, resting heart rate, skintemperature,sleep duration, steps, weight



The Connect to Healthy platform is supporting different tools, devices and wearables. Below you find a selection. You can also bring your own wearable.

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