The Philips Foundation is managed by a Board of between three and seven members with the majority of members being independent from Philips.

The Board has full responsibility for the strategy, policies, performance and operations (including the management of funds) of The Philips Foundation. It makes the final decision on all projects run as part of The Philips Foundation’s disaster relief, community engagement and social entrepreneurship programs.

Board Members  

Ronald de Jong

Ronald de Jong


Chairman of the Board and Head of Markets, Royal Philips

Mirjam van Rijsen

Mirjam van Reisen  

Secretary of the Board and Professor Endowed Chair Marga Klompé, International Social Responsibility at University of Tilburg, The Netherlands
Herman Wijffels

Herman Wijffels


Board Member and Dutch economist

The Philips Foundation Advisory Committee


The Philips Foundation has its own advisory committee of experts who advise the Board on strategic and operational issues as well as project proposal and grant requests. The Advisory Committee is appointed by the Board and consists of Philips employees and external experts.

The Philips Foundation operations team  

The Philips Foundation is managed on a daily basis by the Philips Foundation Program Director and assisted by two program managers. The team reports to the Philips Foundation Board. Additional Philips employees will also be able to support the work of the Philips Foundation on an ad-hoc or part time basis.
Katy Hartley

Margot Cooijmans


Foundation Director

Sarah Schaeffer

Sarah Schaeffer  

Foundation Program Manager
Koen Joosse

Koen Joosse


Foundation Program Manager


In addition to dedicated and occasional staff, Royal Philips also supports The Philips Foundation through the provision of office space, meeting space, IT and travel support and the hosting of The Philips Foundation website on the Royal Philips servers.



The Philips Foundation was set up in 2014 with start up capital awarded by Royal Philips. From 2015, the Philips Foundation will receive annual funding from Royal Philips. Additionally Philips will provide in-kind funding through the provision of expert volunteers, community volunteers, products and services.

Who and how we fund?  

The Philips Foundation funds, supports and initiates projects identified by its global partners where a Royal Philips country organization is present and will be able to assist in localizing community development initiatives.

Performance monitoring  

The Philips Foundation is an independent, registered charity in the Netherlands with ANBI status and operates in accordance with charity regulations. All NGO and governmental organization partners of the Philips Foundation are required to report on the progress and deliverables of joint projects at the end of each quarter and receive KPIs. Additionally the Philips Foundation operates its own transparent and KPI led reporting process to ensure that all projects are monitored and evaluated to ensure best allocation and ROI of funds and resourcing.