GORILLA encourages children to adopt a healthy lifestyle




Children in Switzerland attend special events and workshops, learning the importance of balanced diets and active leisure time. The aim is to achieve a healthy body weight in the young Swiss generation.


GORILLA encourages children to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Children today are confronted by a tempting array of snacks and sugary drinks and often spend many hours of their leisure time sitting at a computer. Bad eating habits combined with an inactive lifestyle make children more prone to health problems associated with being overweight.


In order to help the younger generation take responsibility for their own health and well-being, the GORILLA program is providing information to children in Switzerland about adopting a healthier lifestyle. The GORILLA program communicates with its target group at eye level, engaging young instructors and well-known Swiss athletes to visit schools and hold popular workshops. The main message of the program is to move more, eat a balanced diet and be aware of sustainable consumption. The message is conveyed through freestyle sports and cooking, and involves parents, schools and teachers.


Over the past eight years, Philips Switzerland has been deepening its partnership with GORILLA. The program is run by the Schtifti Foundation, which has been actively promoting a healthy body weight in Swiss youngsters for over ten years. Philips provides financial support and expertise, as well as donating personal health products to the workshops and lighting solutions to the program’s Event Container, which tours Switzerland telling kids about balanced diets and sustainable consumption.


Philips employees also play a key factor in the success of the partnership. At the end of 2014, there was a special GORILLA Future Day for the kids of Philips employees. After an afternoon of footbag training and smoothie making, one enthusiastic participant said, “I didn’t know fruit juice could taste so good!”