Community Life Centers in Africa, an integrated solution for healthcare, lighting and health living

Kenya, Africa


Improving access to primary healthcare is a key challenge across Africa. Royal Philips Community Life Centers provide vital primary care but also goes beyond by turning health facilities into a community hubs where technology is bundled with services.

Vital community hubs

Vital community hubs

The technology package includes solar power (for a reliable and clean energy supply), efficient and durable indoor and outdoor LED-lighting (enabling extended opening hours and providing security to patients and staff), health care equipment (to enable patient monitoring, diagnosis and triage), laboratory equipment (especially for antenatal care tests), refrigeration (preventing spoiling of vaccines), IT-solutions (storage of patient data) and water supply and purification (preventing waterborne diseases).

Vital hubs that drive community development

Royal Philips involves community members in the assessment and design of the Community Life Center in order to create ownership. The solution is tailored to the needs of the facility and the community and staff are trained and people mobilized to make use of the improved services of the facility.


And in addition to health services, the Community Life Center acts as a vital community hub. Local community members can buy clean water and sustainable products like Philips’ smokeless cookstoves and home solar lighting products, and benefit from solar-powered LED outdoor lighting that illuminates the area at night, improving security and extending daylight hours.