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Advanced Research Support

Imalytics Service

Excellent software comes always with an excellent support, and Imalytics isn't the exception. Per default, any Imalytics installation comes with a service and support package valid for one year.

If you are an advanced user, you can also upgrade to a premium service package, which additionally includes free upgrades to the next versions, the access to prototypes, and enhanced and quicker support, service, etc...

Following table shows an overview of both packages and their benefits.

In order to keep your system properly covered over time, the service and support package works as a subscription, which automatically renews itself yearly. Although unadvisable, this subscription might be cancelled up to four weeks before the currently covered period is over.

Special discounts may apply if you order a package that will cover the software for several years. Ask your Philips partner for details.

Advanced Research Services

Cutting edge projects usually require additional support and customized tools. Conscious of this reality, we also offer special support for the customization of our tools or even the option to jointly development new modules or algorithms of mutual interest.

Furthermore, if you are facing any bottlenecks in the analysis and assessment of medical images in your study, we can take care of the assessment and evaluation of anonymized data.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about these alternatives.