Imalytics Brochure

You want detailed information about Imalytics and all it's modules, specifications and service-options? Please feel free do download the Imalytics Brochure here.


Download the Complete Imalytics 3.0 Brochure here >

Imalytics Flyer

If you'd like some more information about Imalytics feel free to download the Imalytics Flyer. All important information about Imalytics is summed up here.


Download the Imalytics Flyer here >

DICOM Conformance Statement

The DICOM Conformance PDF contains the DICOM Conformance Statement regarding Philips Imalytics.


Download the DICOM Conformance Statement here >

DEKRA Certificate

Here you'll find our Dekra-certificate. We are proud to announce, that we are officially certified for voluntary participation in regular monitoring according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management.


Download the Dekra Certificate here >